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2/3/09 09:26 pm - The best The best The best....

Driving back on the motorway yesterday, in a thick snowstorm I notice a sign on the gantry:

Beware Snow.


2/2/09 07:51 pm - Mindf*ck

Remember, you heard it here first.

2/1/09 05:12 pm - Shit's so cash

New favorite video ever.

1/29/09 11:32 pm - Ambitious, But Rubbish

I'm a frog in a well,
I can see the sky that I dream of everyday,
I try desperatly each day to climb the walls,
but each day I find myself stuck at the bottom of this well,
will I ever see the sky?
will I ever get my wings?

9/9/08 09:21 pm

Simply Awesome.

8/26/08 06:50 pm - A visitor

We had a visitor in the garden, so I took a video of her. Its a bit small, but you can just about make it out.

8/24/08 04:35 pm - Do I Need To Point it Out?

An exciting month in prospect

8/15/08 07:40 pm - Ninja Terminator

ninja15, I see your Hextatic Ninja tune and raise you:

8/14/08 10:30 pm - Braid

The first thing that drew me to Braid was the lush looking visuals. That is a lie. I noticed that it looked different to other games graphically, but what made me download the demo was Simon. His enthusiasm was infectious and I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

The first world was a pleasure to behold. It was indeed one of the best looking games on the Xbox in stills and in motion and the gameplay was a breath of fresh air. Lifted straight from Prince of Persia the ability to rewind time created some interesting puzzles and collecting all of the puzzle pieces was a challenge built around this mechanic.

So far so good, but the first cracks start to show when you come to collecting the last few pieces of the level (I'd wager the last two that you'll collect). It requires the manipulation of a piece of the level, but it's not obvious staright away, in fact I'd say some people could look at it for hours and not notice. The game doesn't introduce this particular tool in a typical first level 'tutorial' fashion becasue after you've used it here, you will never use it for the rest of the game.

I'll take an interlude here to talk Portal. Portal is indeed the best example of this type of puzzle game available today, its structured so that during the first half of the game, it will gradually build up the skillset you need in order to finish the game. It's not difficult, but once you start putting it all together, it's one of the best experiences ever.

Which brings me back to Braid, the next world brings with it another mechanic to the game which you will carry with you to completion. But, and this is a big but, it doesn't quite keep its momentum like this. Each world after adds a new mechanic, but after the world is over, it's taken away. Rather than building up to a finale where you are armed with a host of time manipulation tools, the only constants are the tools from the first two levels. It's disappointing but I guess it also stops it from getting too complicated.

Before I tie all this up, a quick mention of the story. It's all told via snippets of text at the start of a world and is vague at best. It's vagueness is one of those multiple meaning philisophical types with a Suda51/Bioshock twist right at the end, which is one of the high points of the game. But because its in essence a puzzle game, the story is usually glossed over.

So, to tie it all up, its starts off promising, but the way the final half of the game is structured, it becomes all far too frustrating. In this day and age, it's originality is refreshing, but people have latched onto it and hyped it too much making out what is a good game to be the new messiah (I'm looking at you Halo 3) and buying into hype is always a bad thing.

This game will be held like some great shining beacon that separates the clever from the stupid. In the end I can see people being labeled as stupid if they don't like the game. More faceless hordes of braggarts claiming to be geniuses because they 'got through it in one go without getting stuck' and I don't like where its heading.

+Gorgeous Sounds and Visuals
+Some well thought out puzzles
+Excellent final level

-Mechanics that are introduced and dropped, fracturing the thought process
-it's too short and too expensive
-The Ring

8/14/08 10:06 pm - GAH!


I got a puncture and had to change the tyre.

End of tether: reached.

Also, no phone call recieved. Slightly worried.

Finally. Braid, OK game, not as good as Simon would have you believe. Elaborate later.
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